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Spintop Hydrocyclones
Spintop Hydrocyclones
Product Information
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Our Spintop™ Hydrocyclones have four outstanding features that are unique to hydrocyclone design: an involuted feed, a bell-shaped vortex finder, a solid center core and a parabolic-shaped body. These features deliver greater efficiency and performance.

For example, the full involuted feed provides a smooth transition from pressure energy to rotational momentum. The rotational flow does not collide with the feed inlet flow, eliminating the turbulence that influences the rate of sedimentation.

The bell-shaped vortex finder tube increases acceleration of the rotating fluid to rapidly move the heavier solids toward the Hydrocyclone walls. This reduces the possibility of mixed density solids leaking or short-circuiting through the overflow.

The solid center core attached to the entrance of the vortex finder tube provides flow stability between the primary and secondary vortices, promoting a more constant rotational velocity while keeping the centrifugal force from degrading.

The parabolic-shaped body of the hydrocyclone provides a more gentle slope from the cylindrical section to the apex orifice. The large cross-sectional area of the parabolic-shaped body contributes to a stable laminar flow and a reduction in plugging.